“Faster Than a Calculator” Viewers React as Brilliant Boy wins 100k cash after Calculating at high speed with his brain ( watch video))

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A young boy who was captured on video people has impressed many with his extraordinary math skills. The little fellow who was seen in a room for certain men tackled every one of the inquiries tossed at him without a mini-computer, regardless of how complex.

Toward the finish of the video, the host gifted him with 100k and asked netizens to share the post to circulate around the web.

A young boy has made headlines for his ability to solve difficult math problems without a calculator.

The brilliant boy’s astonishment with his mathematical prowess was captured in a ten-minute social media video.

When @mcmbakara asked the boy whose Instagram handle is @akahumancalculator to automatically multiply complex digits, he consistently provided the correct response.

There were division, multiplication, and addition problems. He easily calculated them all, going from a few thousand to millions, which made the man wonder if he was the son of an “angel.”

The amazed spectators, who could not get enough, continued to test the young man with more math questions, each time getting more difficult, and he did so effortlessly.

The young boy was in the Ajah suburbs at the time, according to the man who was asking him the questions.

Watch video :

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