“Female artistes are not treated the same as male” – Ayra Starr speaks

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Ayra Starr, a well-known singer, has stated that female performers are typically not held to the same standards as their male counterparts.

During a recent interview with Saturday Beats, the crooner of “Rush” made this clear.

She expressed her gratitude to her senior female colleagues for paving the way for aspiring female singers like herself, but female and male performers do not receive the same treatment.

I am grateful to the women who paved the way before me. I have less to deal with because of them. However, the issue of female musicians being scrutinized more closely than their male colleagues persists. Male performers are held to the same standards as female artists.

She also talked about her hit single “Sability,” which she just released and has been getting great reviews from fans who appreciate it.

“Obviously, I’m energized. While listening to the song, I wanted people to be happy and feel good. I’m even happier that it’s doing that. I wanted to release a song that would remind people of the times in their lives when they literally didn’t have to worry about anything; and that’s how I got the name “Sability”,” she explained.

Ayra Starr responded to those who did not like the song by urging them to listen to it with an open mind:

They really only need to give the song a thorough listen. I hope they are happy when they listen to it because it is a happy song.

She continued, I never feel pressured to release successful songs. I just want to write songs that make sense to me and my audience.

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