Hilda Baci Crying Uncontrollably Triggers Concerns Makes People Wonder (Watch The Video)

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A Viral video that was recently shared online has sparked a lot of discussion and buzz about Hilda Baci, a culinary expert who set a record.

Hilda Baci, originally from Akwa-Ibom State, is shown in the viral video crying uncontrollably and deeply moved by her feelings.

The Nigerian chef addresses her fans in the touching video with tears streaming down her cheeks, demonstrating the depth of her feelings.

We are all aware that Hilda Baci attracted a lot of attention online when she broke the Guinness record for the longest cooking marathon, cooking continuously for an incredible 100 hours and 40 minutes. Notwithstanding this amazing achievement, she is as yet anticipating official accreditation from Guinness World Records.

Her extraordinary achievement resonated deeply with Nigerians, who were captivated by her remarkable display of skill and determination. Witnessing her shed tears in the video has evoked a profound sense of empathy and sadness among viewers, as it strikes a chord and elicits heartfelt sympathy.

Watch the video below:-

Reacting, one B.O.D Republic wrote: “The Person behind your smile will soon be mine Me self wan smile.”

OG Thedd wrote: “Sorry, maybe she just remember that she did not change her pant for good 4 days when she was breaking record.”

Mustapha Jamiu Ola wrote: “The Onions wey enter her eyes during that marathon cooking just dey affect her now.”

Ogidi Timothy wrote: “I watched the video, it really touched my head, shoulder knees and toes, knees and toes.”

Grace Ofomata wrote: “Hmm Eyaa sorry I know she will play the video 10times to checked whether she didn’t do Mistake before she will post it..people will think she is about to break cry record.”

Gift Oku James wrote: “But why was she crying tho?? Well…., water full her eyes, make she release some.😒.”

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