How My Mother Struck Covenant With God — Chidinma Ekile [Watch Her Speak]

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Nigerian gospel artiste Chidinma Ekile has opened up about her life and how her mother struck a covenant with God.

The former secular singer revealed that she was born blind and that her parents were forced to turn to God after medical efforts failed.

The celeb, who made headlines in 2021 after dumping secular music, said it was a major problem for her parents, especially as all they attempted medically to convince her to see a doctor proved futile.

Chidinma disclosed that her parents eventually had to appeal to God for her cure, which was a miracle.

The gospel singer stated that after regaining her sight, her mother made a deal with God to dedicate her to him.

“I was born blind actually, I didn’t open my eyes at all and that became a challenge, my parents tried all that they could to get me to see,”

“Without my knowledge, my mum made a deal with God.”

On why she left cellular music she said to be fulfilled, the gifted singer claimed she needed to reconnect with her source, which was God.

“I was looking for my fulfilment but I didn’t find it until I reconnected with my source,” she added.

Watch the video below:

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