“I am giving out a free green card” – Abroad lady returns to the village to choose a husband, says her mum wants a village man (Video)

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A young woman has announced her decision to get a husband from the village whom she would take abroad.

According to the lady, her mother wants her to get married to a man who’s based in the village.

A video showed the lady and her siblings alongside her mother travelling down to Africa with their luggages to find a man.

She also claimed that she would be giving the man a free green card to travel out with her.

“My mum is taking us to Africa so I can pick a husband out a husband from the village. I am giving a free green card”, she wrote.

@dontito2 said: “Really so Africa is we’re the husband is 😂😂😂 please which part of Africa are we talking about 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

@skhu59 commented: “These days the youths don’t care about their grammar anymore.”

@l_yfstyle commented: “What you dead serious about that I’m not in for the green card I’m in for you pretty melanin.”

@kwasi_amooh2 said: “Take that mindset of “I give out a free Greencard” go and get a God fearing lover, I wish you well. keep faith 🥰.”

@seafish200 added: “We’re taken by the village girls who will cook & fetch firewood for us, without asking us to pay any bills.”

Watch the video below:

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