“I Like Talking To Plants” Joeboy Disclose (Watch Him Speak)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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In a recent episode of the Zero Conditions podcast, Nigerian singer Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, also known as Joeboy, revealed an intriguing part of his life: he communicates with plants.

The singer, best known for his famous song “Baby,” claimed that he has four plants in his room and talks to them.

Joeboy’s statement implies that this activity provides him with a sense of connectedness and possibly tranquility. While it may appear unusual to others, talking to plants is a practice that some people feel can generate positive energy and growth, as well as be a sort of mindfulness.

Joeboy also remarked that spirituality is important in his life. This implies that he may find comfort and inspiration in habits and ideas.

He said, “You need a spiritual backing. It is very very important. If you don’t do jazz [voodoo], you have to pray.”

On why he has tattoos of trees, Joeboy said he is a lover of nature.

He said, “Personally, I like nature. I like plants. I have like four plants in my room.

“I named them Anthony, Themal, Raphael, and Vanessa. And I actually talk to them. I just tell them how I feel. I think it’s better to talk to plants sometimes than to talk to human beings.”

Watch the video below:



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