I once gave you $100. “Portable continues to criticize Small Doctor for disrespecting Olamide.”(See More)

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The contoversial street rapper, Portable keeps on dissing his fellow artist as he specifies how he remained faithful to Olamide in spite of being badmouthed by Small Doctor

This comes after the singer was shaded by Small Doctor in a recent interview, where he talked about his mean demeanor and how he used to be a boy to him in the music business.

Portable answered with a diss video where he calls out on Small Doctor as a past glory who is desperate for a comeback.

The Zazuu singer, in any case, appears to in any case have more in the sacks for Small Doctor as he proceeded the diss from where he stopped

In his new video, he vowed to collect the $100 tip he once handed to his Small Doctor while stressing how he was self-sufficient during music they did together.

In his words, “Who gave you crown, a king without a palace. I am a Big Doctor, you dey hear? I don pass you. na money dey turn senior brother to junior brother. I am once your helper; I once gave you $100 and I will collect my money back with interest.

Egbon Adugbo, hailing can’t buy G-Wagon. Did you buy me cloth? Did I sleep in your house? The featuring we did, I paid for everything.”

He also mentioned that Small Doctor tried to advise him about Olamide with the claims that he planned to rip him off.

“Egbon adugbo, na mouth; na advising. Na so you advise me say Olamide wan rip me. I look am say weyrey. Make I go dey form for my helper? Instead, I stayed loyal,” he added.

This is not the first time the duo would go head to head with one another.


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