“I Prefer Abuja over Lagos For Musical Development” – Odumodublvck Disclosed (See More)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Odumodublvck, the capable Nigerian hip-hop artiste hailing from Abuja, as of late shared his contemplations on the clamoring city of Lagos. He said in an honest interview that he doesn’t want to move to Nigeria’s entertainment capital because he worries about how the city will affect his mental health.

The artist, who is well-known for his hit song “Declan Rice,” said that he prefers the peaceful Abuja environment, where he feels like he belongs and is appreciated.

Odumodublvck values the sluggish paced nature of the city, which permits him to zero in on his specialty without undermining his psychological wellness.

In a music industry that often thrives on the fast-paced lifestyle of Lagos, Odumodublvck’s decision to remain rooted in Abuja speaks volumes about the importance of self-care and finding a creative space that aligns with one’s well-being.

Despite the allure of the entertainment capital, this rising star recognizes the significance of prioritizing mental health, even if it means deviating from the mainstream narrative.

With his unique perspective and dedication to his craft, Odumodublvck continues to make waves in the Nigerian music scene from the comfort of Abuja. His decision to carve his own path and stay true to himself only adds to the intrigue and authenticity of his music.

In a world where artists are often pressured to conform and follow trends, Odumodublvck’s story serves as a reminder that success can be found by staying true to one’s values, even if it means swimming against the current.

He continued by saying, “Let’s say a fish pond has 10 fishes in Lagos and there are a hundred fishermen; in Abuja, there are 10 fishes and there are five fishermen, if you are a fisherman, where would you go and cast your nets?

“With the help of the internet, you can connect anybody. Now I’m in Lagos here na, I’m in Echoo Room na. I came from Abuja, I can go back tomorrow. It’s just funds. I’ll come here but to stay here and dabble in that pond, is not safe. It’s not safe for my brand. It’s not safe for my mental space. It’s not safe for my bank accounts. Because, if Wizkid dey do show, before him call me, he go first call Joeboy, Blaqbonez, Fireboy, Oxlade, Buju, Omah Lay. I can keep going on and on, before they get to Odumodu.

“But where we are in Abuja, if Skepta should come, if they don call three artists, dem no call me then dem never call any artist.”

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