I started acting because I failed school. — Actress Genoveva Umeh (Details within)

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Nollywood star Genoveva Umeh has revealed how fizzling while at the same time reading up for a regulation degree drove her into the film business.

The Nigerian-English entertainer who opened up on her instructive foundation on the most recent episode of Is This Seat Taken webcast facilitated by Nollywood entertainer, Chinasa Anukam uncovered that she figured out that activity is her obsession after her disappointment.

She claims that she made the decision to study law on her own because she was aware of how hard her parents worked to get her into the UK.

“Concentrating on regulation, I would agree was my choice. Yet, I would likewise say that I understood that I was original worker, I know how hard my folks attempted to get me into the UK.

“So, I didn’t want to do a course that I just kinda took as a hobby. I thought acting was a hobby.

“I literally just went from just thinking of it [acting] as a hobby in university and just thinking, yeah, when I graduate, I’m going to come back and pursue this.

“But that didn’t happen until I failed my first year. I failed my first year of law.

“That was when I realised that I need to start considering what I actually want to do as opposed to what I feel I have to do”, she shared.

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