“It’s All Making Sense Now” – Netizens React To Old Video Of Kess And Christy O Amid Affair Allegations (See Here)

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Social media investigators have unearthed an old TikTok video of Big Brother Naija stars, Kess and Christy O, amid allegations that they are having an affair.

It’s no secret that Kess recently made headlines after his wife, Angel, publicly accused him of cheating with his colleague, Christy O, and using her money to fund their extravagant lifestyle.

She revealed that her husband and Christy O are roommates because they couldn’t afford separate apartments due to the high cost of living in Lagos.

She expressed her frustration that whenever she calls her husband via video, she sees Christy O in his room wearing revealing outfits.

However, Kess denied the allegations, asserting that he has never been romantically involved with any of his colleagues. He further described his wife as insecure and manipulative.

In the midst of their marriage scandal, netizens have shared an old video of Kess and Christy O portraying the roles of a boyfriend and girlfriend. In the clip, Christy O is seen confronting Kess for giving her only N2000 to get her hair done.

The video has ignited mixed reactions on social media, with many stating that they now better understand his wife’s feelings of paranoia and agitation.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@beverlynnn wrote, “It’s all making sense now 🤣🤣 understanding side chick”

@boojulez wrote, “Evidence of him giving her his wife’s money…no be ordinary skit😭🤣🤣

@busengof wrote, “Mr and Mrs Tony isonu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

@evangel171 wrote, “Art imitating life.”

@nassalidorothy wrote, “They are abt to starve after they mishandled their sponsor😂😂😂😂in my culture there is a saying that says the rich don’t do wrong 😂😂😂😂”

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