“It’s Gen Z Baddie Era” – Netizens React As Young Girls Gather To Congratulate Ilebaye

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A group of teenage boys and girls has garnered attention after a video showed their interest in meeting and congratulating BBNaija All Stars winner, Ilebaye.

Ilebaye, who affectionately refers to herself as a “Gen Z baddie,” emerged as the winner of BBNaija season 8 All Stars edition last Sunday, October 1.

Since her victory, former housemates, celebrities, and other notable figures have extended their congratulations.

However, just a few days later, a gathering of teenage boys and girls assembled in an undisclosed location, expressing their desire to meet the BBNaija All Stars winner and offer their congratulations.

The presence and statements of these teenage individuals have drawn attention on social media, prompting many to share their views in the comment section.

One commenter said, “It’s truly a Gen Z baddie era.”

See some reactions below:

chiku27: “‎it’s a Genz baddie era for real.”

DianaaKwali: “‎if children loves Baye ,who are we not love her, she is loved indeed.”

Ehispearl: “‎It’s Gen z season and there president of Gen z won.”

Sagittarius babe: “‎Her fellow genz baddies.”

Cnono: “‎Boy with yellow Shirt understand the Assignment Genz baddie.”

GirlieeCee: “‎Children loving you Baye is enough,their love needs does not compromise.”

ROSE_ASHLEY: “The GenZ baddie won…yes the genzees are enjoying but true speaking baye is just loved regardless what people say, pity what what.”

ALBRIGHT: “All this one never enter 18 years and them know who won bb naija.”

Jenniswift: “‎na Gen z baddie empire them be all that.”


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