Joeboy Said He Was Once Penniless That He Needed To Close HisBank Account [Watch Him Speak]

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A candid account of his past financial difficulties has been shared by Nigerian singer Joeboy, who reveals that he was once so broke that he had to close his bank account.

In a new meeting, Joeboy recognized winding up in a seemingly impossible situation and encountering a time of outrageous monetary shortage that drove him to close his record.

Notwithstanding, he involved this individual story as a wellspring of motivation for anybody as of now going through difficult stretches, underlining that circumstances can constantly get to the next level.

“At the moment, I’m one of the biggest artists from Africa. But there was a time when I was at my lowest point. I lacked cash. I was so down and out I needed to close my record.

“I just want to use this story as a source of inspiration for anyone going through something challenging right now.

“Don’t end things, it can always get better,” Joeboy reveals in the video for his hit single “Nobody.” My life is an example.

When asked about the defining moment he realized he had made it in his career, Joeboy mentioned his first tour in East Africa.

Stepping onto the stage and witnessing the crowd’s enthusiastic response, with people screaming and singing his songs word for word, was a transformative experience for him.

“That was when I went on tour on my first tour in East Africa.

“I stepped on the stage and people were screaming and singing my songs word for words.

“It was like a full circle moment; it reminded me of the time when I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I felt discouraged.

“There were shows that I was performing and the MC would take the microphone from me and tell me to get off the stage.

“My past self would have been grateful,” he said.

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