Johnny Drille explains how his hit song was inspired by the death of Don Jazzy’s mother(Watch Him Speak)

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Nigerian vocalist Johnny Drille, eminent for his deep music, has shared the motivation behind his well known Song ‘How Are You My Friend‘.

Johnny Drille revealed in an interview with Hip TV that the song was inspired by the death of Don Jazzy’s mother, his record label boss’s mother.

He went on to say that he and Don Jazzy worked on “How Are You My Friend,” and that the idea for the song came from the Mavin boss.

He said, “For ‘How Are You My Friend’, the inspiration behind it was, Don Jazzy has just lost his mum like a couple of weeks prior.

“I guess, maybe this [the song] was his own way of talking about it because a lot of people were reaching out to him that he has not heard from like years. So, it just kind of hit him that, ‘Omo, I actually have these many friends that I have not spoken with for so long.’

“I also think that we are also in pretty touch times. The economy is crazy. A lot of people having it hard. A lot of people going through things in their lives that sometimes they don’t feel comfortable sharing them. And I guess, maybe that is why people have been able to connect with the song.”

Watch video below:

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