Kcee Finally Responds to Claims That He Left Boy Behind in Ojapiano Song (SEE MORE)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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In the middle of a flurry of reports, word got out that the musician, a proud Anambra native, had used and then ignored the man in question.

However, KCEE vehemently refuted the idea in a recent interview with BBC Igbo, asserting that the claim that he abandoned the developing talent is untrue.

The musician revealed that he traveled to a recording studio in Lagos with the young child from the eastern region. He took this action since the boy’s performance at a show impressed him.

Kcee made it clear that he not only provided the child everything he requested, but also more.

He said: “I am deeply saddened by the way our Igbo people spread false news that I did not help the boy. It is not true,” KC said.

“I saw the boy selling goods, called him, flew him to Lagos from the east, took him to the studio, paid him more than what I agreed with him, dressed him, called him wander around different places in Lagos. How did I do it wrong?”

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