Kizz Daniel Reportedly Arrested In Ivory Coast, Detained By Caf

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Nigerian artist Kizz Daniel found himself in legal trouble after he allegedly refused to perform at a show in Ivory Coast despite being paid a substantial sum of $150,000.

The incident occurred on Thursday, October 12, 2023, when Kizz Daniel stayed backstage and did not come on stage to entertain the audience.

As a result, he was arrested by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and is currently in detention.

This is not the first time Kizz Daniel has faced legal consequences for refusing to perform at a show.

Last year, he was arrested in Tanzania under similar circumstances.

The repeated incidents of show refusals have raised questions among fans and netizens about the artist’s reliability and professionalism.

In the comment section, netizens have expressed their confusion and frustration over Kizz Daniel’s repeated show refusals.

Many failed to comprehend why an artist would consistently decline to perform at shows for which he has been paid.

@shally_bella commented: “My baby is always making it hard to Stan him.”

@man.down001 said: “Na why him hire that Goliath of a bouncer.”

@omalichawa_ said; “Papa triplet why u Dey behave like this now.”

@nnenna_blinks_ said: “Once is a mistake twice is a decision. If it’s your team work with them so they put things in order. Mhaan I like the fact you carry yourself with grace and no scandals. But this arresting thing is not good for your image.”

@veevogee said: “Why is he always doing this sef?”

@_toby_loba said: “Kizz Daniel has done it again Nawa 0o.”

@evve_lynn commented: “Again??? There’s no smoke without fire.

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