Moet Abebe Opens Up On Disputable 2019 Silver Photograph (Watch The Video)

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Moet Abebe, a well-known Nigerian video jockey, actress, and TV presenter, has shed light on a sexy 2019 Instagram photo in which her body was covered in silver spray.

In a genuine meeting with Chude Jideonwo, she uncovered her propensity for exhibitionism, embracing her way of life as somebody who appreciates giving an enthralling show to her crowd.

Abebe stated, “I’m kind of an exhibitionist.” I just recently accepted it.

“A lot of the time, I used to say, “no, I’m not.” Some people enjoy watching, while others enjoy providing you with a show. You can only look, not touch.

Moet Abebe also talked about a 2021 Instagram Q&A session with her fans in which she playedfully said that she was in a relationship with “my guests in the top drawer of my bedside cupboard.”

When prompted by Chude Jideonwo during the interview, she said; “That’s fair. That’s also a kind of relationship, isn’t it?”

While recounting her career journey, Moet Abebe highlighted her transition into radio as a major milestone.

It was during her time on the radio that she solidified her position within the industry, earning recognition and respect.

She added that although 2023 may not be her most prominent year compared to 2017, she maintains her status as a force to be reckoned with, asserting her unique position as the unrivalled radio goddess.

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