Mummy Wa opens up on why she stopped playing Mr Macaroni’s onscreen wife ( shocking)

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Kemi Ikuseedun, better known as Mummy Wa, a well-known comedian, announces her intention to end her role as Mr. Macaroni’s on-screen wife.

Mummy Wa said that she thought about a future outside of her current persona after playing the role for four years.

In a meeting with Saturday Beats, Ikuseedun shared her explanations behind considering a change, expressing that she continually looks for new open doors and tries.

She elaborated, “After four years of playing this role, I always have this feeling that one day I might not be ‘Mummy wa’ anymore. So, I’m constantly brainstorming about other things I can do.”

At the point when gotten some information about her own life and the chance of twofold dating, Mummy Wa, who was beforehand involved with her partner Isbae U yet encountered a separation supposedly because of actual maltreatment, communicated her viewpoint.

She stated:

“If it’s a friendship, it’s possible. But when it comes to romantic relationships, I don’t think it’s feasible. There will always be one person who is loved more than the other.

“Personally, I cannot romantically love two people simultaneously. My mind will always be focused on one person, making it difficult for me to think about someone else.”

In addition, the creator of the skit shared her thoughts regarding the issue of men covering dates’ transportation costs.

She declared,

“I don’t believe men should pay for a date’s transportation fare. It doesn’t make sense to me. However, there are some men who may not want the lady to experience any inconvenience.

They might choose to pay as an act of chivalry or if they believe the lady doesn’t have enough money and they want to assist. If the lady is stranded, the guy can offer to cover her transportation fare. Personally, though, I wouldn’t allow a guy to pay for my transport fare on a date.”

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