New Album by Blaqbonez, “Emeka Must Shine” Revealed (See More)

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Emeka Akumefule, better known by his stage name Blaqbonez, is a Nigerian hip-hop artist. He is currently getting ready to release another highly anticipated album named “Emeka Must Shine,” building on the immense success of his previous project, “Young Preacher.”

In particular this year, his recent streak of successes has been nothing short of amazing, distinguished by his steady delivery of excellent verses in every collaborative effort.

The success of his catchy hits “Like Ice Spice” and “Like Bezos” has increased his influence. He has recently made the announcement of his upcoming album, which has increased the anticipation.

Taking to his Twitter page, Blaqbonez made an exciting announcement, explaining his recent silence by revealing that he has been diligently working on completing the album.

He asked for his fans’ patience, stating, “i been quiet cos i need to finish the album… Bear with me”.

The announcement was accompanied by a stunning artwork with the words “Emeka Must Shine,” The Album.

What’s notably intriguing is that the phrase “Emeka Must Shine” originated from his hit single “Like Ice Spice,” a track that not only gained widespread recognition but also became a ubiquitous phrase among internet users.

Given the elevated excitement surrounding this forthcoming musical gem, it’s clear that Blaqbonez has successfully captured everyone’s anticipation, leaving them eagerly poised to discover the musical marvel he’s about to unveil.

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