Olamide says, “Don’t Look for Morals in My Album.” (See Details)

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Olamide, a rapper and head of YBNL, has issued a warning to his fans and music enthusiasts ahead of the release of his upcoming album, “Unruly.”

In a tweet on Thursday night, the ‘Trumpet’ vocalist uncovered that the collection is explicitly centered around sexual substance.

According to Olamide, “Unruly” will exclusively feature “bo pata” music and will be released in a month.

The term ‘Bo pata’ typically refers to explicit or sexually suggestive lyrics. He further mentioned that the album is intended for those who appreciate such content, specifically targeting women who identify as ‘baddies’ and men who admire them.

In his tweet, Olamide warned music lovers seeking moral music to look elsewhere, as ‘Unruly’ will not contain any moral messages.

“Unruly is one month a way. Strictly Bo pata music .. for baddies and men weh love baddies . Mio le rojo . No find moral kinakan come oh please,” he tweeted.

‘Unruly’ is scheduled to drop on August 9 and is a follow-up to the rapper’s 2021 album ‘UY Scuti’.


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