Omah Lay Leave Fans Worried with Strange Performance In Berlin (Watch The Video)

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The recent news about the Nigerian singer, Omah Lay, has become a major topic of discussion as he was seen screaming in a strange way during a performance. Omah Lay has been in the entertainment industry for some time now and is known for his unique sound and style.

Omah Lay’s performance was indeed a riveting one as he sang his hit song to the delight of the audience. His performance was going on just fine until the singer began to let out strange screams, leaving the audience confused and alarmed. After the video began to trend online, many people became curious about why the singer made such sounds, while some even speculated that he may have been possessed.

Despite all these speculations, Omah Lay’s fans were aware of the fact that the singer was going through an emotional crisis after the painful break-up he had experienced not too long ago. A few months ago, Omah Lay posted a video on his Instagram page where he expressed his hurt after his ex-lover left him despite all his good looks. This showed that the singer was still in pain and could have been overwhelmed by emotions during his performance, hence the strange scream.

See the video of Omah screaming on stage below:


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