Portable vows to take his Wife to the UK and US after she complained of Cold ( see here )

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Portable, a controversial Nigerian singer, has once more demonstrated that he is also a romantic husband in addition to being a musician.

The singer, who is currently in Gambia with his wife, Bewaji, is seen tending to her as she complains of being cold in a video that is currently trending online.

Bewaji can be seen in a video complaining about Gambia’s cold weather in a corner while Portable comforts her and tells her to wear a jacket to stay warm.

The Zazu Zeh star tried to cuddle his woman and told her to come get warm with him. Bewaji, clearly content with her husband’s tender care, was beaming from ear to ear throughout.

Portable made a promise to take his wife to the United States and the United Kingdom, where she could take advantage of the warmer weather, once she agreed to come to him.

The clip drew warm responses from Zeh Nation boss admirers as they marveled at his romantic side.

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