Rema Offers Advice To Fan Dealing With Depression (Details Within)

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Nigerian sensational musician Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, has offered encouraging words to his fan who revealed he was struggling with depression.

Yesterday night, the artist used his official Instagram page to chat with his followers. Rema responded to questions about his age, occupation, and pet peeves.

He was questioned by a fan of Rema about how he may assist a depressed person. Rema sent extensive comforting letters to him without any reluctance, offering advice on how to handle this particular scenario.

Rema wrote:
“Sometimes it’s just your soul not resonating with your current personality, it’s like a conflict within you. It needs you to change or evolve. Sometimes you’ve dwelled in an environment that has dampened your energy and state of mind for too long.

Sometimes your mind has nothing to ponder upon to orate a view of the future for you, so Iv new things Read, watch videos and educate your mind. If it creates an illusion for you, it just wants to be busy
Sometimes Jim just needs to vent, most times you’ll answer your own questions when you vent.
Hopefully, this helps, stay strong brother”

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