“Sell Your G-Wagon as scrap”.Celebrity Mechanic Advice Portable (Watch)

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Eminent celebrity mechanic, John Autos, shared an advice to vocalist Portable with respect to his Damaging G-Wagon.

John Autos declared the vehicle a complete write-off after conducting a thorough inspection because of the extensive damage it had sustained in a recent accident.

He specifically mentioned the significant damage to the engine and the near-impossibility of repairing it.

Taking this into consideration, Autos suggested an unconventional solution: selling the G-Wagon as scrap at Ladipo Market.

He explained that the market specializes in spare parts, and the G-Wagon’s components could be salvaged and repurposed for other vehicles.

While this advice may seem unconventional, Autos assured Portable that it could potentially help him recoup some of the losses incurred from the accident.

By selling the G-Wagon as scrap, Portable could contribute to the recycling and reuse of automotive parts, benefiting both himself and others in need of spare parts at Ladipo Market.

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