Seun Kuti’s manager speaks out about the singer’s encounter with an officer, saying, “He was arguing with him.” (Details Within))

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Seun Kuti, a controversial Nigerian singer and activist, was arrested after he physically assaulted a policeman.

Ayo, Seun Kuti’s manager, has recently provided an update on the events that transpired between him and the police officer.

Ayo explained to Potpourri on the phone that Seun Kuti was driving with his family on the third mainland bridge when his car was hit from behind.

The singer’s manager insisted that the uniformed man, who was driving drunk and hit his car, had caused the singer to act out. He added that the effect prompted Seun’s little girl to be in an unexpected shock as she was noticeably shaken by the episode.

Ayo went on to say that the police officer chased the truck and blocked it, forcing it to stop, but instead of apologizing to Seun, he started arguing with the music star.

In the words of Ayo: Seun was driving with his family on the third mainland bridge on the aforementioned day when he was suddenly hit from behind by a police truck driven by a drunk officer. This demonstration from the official drove Seun’s little girl into an unexpected shock, as she was noticeably shaken by the hit. As a result, Seun was forced to pursue the truck, double-cross it, and stop it. At the point when the cop got down from the truck, rather than saying ‘sorry’ he was contending with Seun, which incited him to slap the official.”

Ayo said that many people would have acted in the same way as Seun had their families been threatened during the phone call. He made sense of that police officers likewise incite regular people and their insusceptibility ought not be a justification for making trouble.

He said: ” It is important for people to be aware that uniformed men also provoke civilians. Impunity cannot be justified by immunity.


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