“She Spoilt Her Game For Badmouthing Alex In Finale Week” – Netizens Rejoice Over Ceec’s Loss

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BBNaija All Star, Ceec has been dragged by netizens for causing her own downfall by badmouthing Alex Unusual in the finale week.

According to most comments seen on Twitter, Ceec came third in the just ended All Stars reality for badmouthing Alex the last week to the finale.

This comes after Ceec and Mercy had a series of conversation about Alex Unusual the past week, while revisiting the clash Ceec had with Alex.

Some Alex fans on Twitter have disclosed that they nearly voted for Ceec with the peerception that her five years rift with Alex was over. However, after she badmouth Alex alongside Mercy Eke, most fans redrew their votes for her.

Read some comments below…

@Claire: “Ceec used her mouth to evict herself.. Alex’s fans wanted to vote for her but she finished Alex.”

@Auracool: “Personally, I don’t care who wins at this point, as long as Ceec has been Evicted, that’s a win for me tonight.

@Maj: “Ceec is the most foolish housemate this season cos is this the best time to have this Alex conversation? Alex this Alex that since 2018. Thank God she lost”.

@Davido FC: “Am i the only unusual that was happy when Ceec got evicted? 🤣🤣🤣 I mean her eviction was very personal to me. I love it, after she trash talk Alex, con still talk about her with that agbaya Pere 🤣🤣🤣.. I love their evictions it was sweet”.

@Katolin: “Dear @Official_CeeC, it’s your yapping about Alex that lost you the win. Try and repent! You are hateful for no reason. Alex is a good person and does not hate you.,”

@Nightmare on elon street: “Ceec did self sabotage to herself!! I’m glad she showed her yansh early! Imagine Alex fans that would’ve voted based on “knowing you a second time “”.

@Eva: “It’s funny how Ceec actually didn’t need 7% to win ,she actually needed less than that cause after her rant about Alex, most of Alex’s fans voted for Baye including me to shame Ceec 🤣maybe she was going to need even 1% from Alex’s fans , stupid Ceec”.

@Foxbabe: “Ceec came third. She was running her gutter this final week. Check out those people who come for Alex unprovoked. They are always humbled Ndi sauces”.

@Stanley: “Ceec fans I told y’all, I tell una say if she wins make I bend, no hard feelings tho, I just hated her latest behavior against Alex”.


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