Simi Disclosed Why She Stop Singing Gospel Music(Watch Her Speak)

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Nigerian vocalist, Simi, as of late focused on her past as a gospel artiste and the difficulties she looked in the business.

During her appearance on MTV Base Africa’s True Naija Top 10 program, she uncovered that she used to be a gospel artiste yet in the end chose to change kinds because of low-execution pay.

Simi shared that she received meager payments ranging from N5,000 to N10,000 when she performed at churches, the highest she ever received being N70,000. The monetary battles she looked in the gospel music scene drove her to quit singing at a certain point, as she was unable to bear the cost of the expenses related with studio meetings and tune advancements.

In her candid revelation, Simi also mentioned that due to financial constraints, she made a decision to sign a record label deal that she later regretted. The challenges she faced as a gospel artiste eventually led her to explore other genres of music, ultimately leading to her successful career in the Nigerian music industry.

Simi said; “I actually used to go to a lot of churches to perform. They will pay me like N5k, N10k. Do you know the highest amount of money I actually collected when I was doing gospel [music]? N70,000. And I felt like I had arrived. I still paid a 10 per cent tithe from the money.”

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