Simi explains how the passport office almost let me go. (Watch The Video)

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Simi has depicted her new episode at a Lagos identification office.

In a video that she posted on Instagram, she said that her appearance almost prevented her from entering a passport office.

Simi expressed that she was requested to get back and put on something else prior to being permitted inside.

Because the officials are still insistent about her dress, it is impossible for her to benefit from her fame.

Simi likewise expressed that she needed to eliminate her nosering and stud.

“I went to the passport office to get my passport done and when I reached the gate, they said I should go back because I am indecently dressed.

“I look myself up to down, and asked, can you see anything in my body that is indecent?

“He said he cannot see, but I should go back and wear something more ‘down’.”

Watch the video below:

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