Simi Slams Tribalism Among Educated, Religious Folks (Read More)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
2 Min Read

The tribalism that characterized the most recent gubernatorial elections in Lagos state has enraged popular Nigerian singer Simi.

The award-winning artist took to Twitter to express surprise at the bad behavior of tribalists, who appear to be highly educated and religious.

Simi expressed her shame and described the tribalism as “disgusting.”

“This tribalism is disgusting,” Simi tweeted.

“What is most surprising is seeing seemingly educated, highly religious people behaving so badly. I’m so embarrassed.

The ‘Duduke’ crooner went further to express her disappointment in people who have allowed themselves to be used by politicians who do not care about them or their families.

She called on people to desist from engaging in tribalism and warned that it is a disgraceful act that has no place in the country.

“And all these for politicians that don’t give af about you or your family. Them just dey use you.

“When this election has passed, it’ll be you, the poverty you’re dying to maintain and your newfound lack of shame.


“They still won’t care about YOU. Tribalism is disgraceful.”

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