Simi writes a touching note to her daughter as she turns three, “You are life to me.” (Details Within)

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A brand-new song has been written by Simi, a proud mother and singer, to celebrate Adejare’s third birthday on May 30, 2023.

On her Instagram page, the content mother-of-one posted a video of herself and her husband, Adekunle Gold, singing a song to their giggling daughter.

In the caption, Simi admitted that she had trouble expressing her feelings for her daughter.

She will get her act together for the sake of her daughter, who is everything to her.

As a way of expressing her love for Adejare, Simi prayed for her.

“The love of my life is 3. THREE!!! The things I feel for my daughter, words will never be able to capture – but I will keep trying.

Adejare, you are everything to me. For you, I will come undone; for you, I will get it together. You are life to me. God gave you to me and He just thought “Look, I did a thing”. Cos HE DID! You are the light of the world and of my world. The breath of God is in you. You will prosper. You will thrive. You’re the smartest, sweetest, kindest, spunkiest, and bestest little girl I know. I’m so grateful you’re in my life. You have made me a better person than I could have ever hoped to be. I pray God continues to hold you close and safe in His hands. You are Joy. You are Blessings. I continue to cover you with my love and my prayers. My baby. Ayo mi. I love you more than anything”.

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