Skales reveals that Naira Marley asked for his removal from the song they featured in (Watch Him Speak)

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Nigerian singer Skales recently revealed a startling event in which his coworker Naira Marley requested that his part be taken out of a song by Tanzanian musician Harmonize that they both appeared in.

Skales claimed that since there didn’t seem to be any animosity or conflict between them, he was surprised when Harmonize called to tell him about Naira Marley’s choice. Skales had previously assisted in connecting Harmonize to Naira Marley and facilitating their collaboration on the song, thus it came as a surprise.

These facts were disclosed by the singer of “Shake Body” while he was a guest on the audiovisual podcast Doyin’s Corner.

He said, “I want to share a story that I still find crazy, you know. I have never said this before, but this is going to be my first time. So I have this brother from Tanzania, he is one of the biggest artists from East Africa, as a matter of fact, Africa. His name is Harmonize.

“So he was working on his album, he came to Nigeria. I remember I took him to Naira Marley’s house. It was all good vibes and everything. The song he did with Naira Marley, he hit me up and said I want you to give me a verse on this song. And I did it. I sent it to him. It was dope. He was like, I like it blablabla. Then weeks later, he called me and said, ‘Do you have a beef with Naira Marley?’ And I was like, ‘Beef? We were all chilling. What is going on?’

“He was like, ‘Naira Marley just called me and told me to take your verse off the song that he didn’t know I was going to be the artist involved.’ I was like, cool mehn, bro you need this thing to happen so take me off it.”

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