Small Doctor is mocked by Portable:- “Na you dey beg for money.” (Details Within)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Portable Omolalomi, a well-known street rapper, mocks Small Doctor, a fellow singer, for calling him “my boy” and mocking his personality.

This comes after Small Doctor talked about how he tried to change Portable’s violent lifestyle in an interview on the Echoo podcast.

But Portable took the comments personally, calling the singer of “Omo Better” a “past glory.” He also made fun of him for bleaching his skin and talked about how beautiful his black skin was.

“Egbon adugbo. Dem wan use me trend, na so dem dey do. Past glory people. Sit down there dey play, no worry. You cannot run my race; Egbon Adugbo wey dey beg for money still dey advice me.

“Collect my $100. Egbon Adugbo don body wash finish, wetin e con burn. All body don burn finish. Black is beauty, African mafia. Continue bleaching while I get ambassadorial deals. na you dey buy cream, na me dem dey give ambassador. Na you dey do fashion,” he said.

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