Sophia Momodu ;- Davido has stopped taking care of Imade Adeleke (See Why)

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When Davido, one of Nigeria’s biggest music stars, announced that he was having a child with his then-girlfriend Sophia Momodu, many people were surprised. The fresh insight about their kid, Imade Adeleke, was met with both festival and shock. The couple has experienced a number of ups and downs since then, but they have managed to remain committed to their daughter.

The two were before long spotted together at different occasions and parties. It was believed that they had a brief relationship; However, neither party was able to confirm it. However, when it was revealed in 2015 that Davido was the father of a child with Sophia, the news of Imade Adeleke’s pregnancy was received with both joy and shock.

Since learning that they were expecting a child, Davido and Sophia have experienced a number of ups and downs. Sophia Momodu gave the impression that Davido was enraged because she finally got over her past. As per a post she shared, the vocalist supposedly quit dealing with his most memorable girl, Imade, after Sophia completely finished him and continued on with her personal business.

She confirmed this to a friend, who discussed her disagreement with the singer during a Q&A session.

“It has always been because of you now that you have finally moved on he wants to be done with his child. Too grumpy asf. Fear men”, the lady wrote.

Sophia Momodu confirmed this and replied; “Like I said educated, intelligent Nigerians still exist.”

“Men always act up when the lady is ready to move on. Like they want the lady to remain single forever while they can get married and have a happy life”, another screenshot Sophia Momodu shared read.


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