Speed Darlington, a rapper, stated, “I can’t marry one wife.” (See Why)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Darlington Okoye, better known as Speed Darlington, a controversial Nigerian hip-hop artist, has explained why he cannot be monogamous.

He stated that men who are dating or married to one woman face numerous temptations.

On the most recent episode of the podcast The Honest Bunch, which is co-hosted by actor Nedu, Husband Material, and Deity Cole, the rapper from the United States made this statement.

Speed Darlington emphasized that monogamy is foreign to African culture and that he hoped his partner would be open to polygamy.

He said, “Men are not supposed to be with one woman. There’s so much temptation with one. The temptation is great.

“We feel like we’re smarter than other animals; we wear clothes, we invent things to make our lives easy. So, we automatically believe that we are sharper. We are forcing ourselves into this principle of one woman.

“Africa and the entire black race, we are not the race of one woman.”

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