Spyro feels that artists owe it to their fans to live decent lives (Watch Video)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Spyro, the Afrobeats singer, has spoken out about how artists should live decent lives.

Musicians are commonly viewed as role models since their music and manner of life have the ability to affect popular culture and young people’s behavior.

Spyro, a Nigerian singer, recently told the Honest Bunch Podcast that he believes artists owe it to their fans to live respectable lifestyles.

According to the man behind the smash single ‘Who’s Your Guy,’ artists are public personalities whose activities are scrutinized by their followers, so they owe it to their fans to set a good example.

Spyro described how the late, great Afrobeats musician Sound Sultan gave him advice about leading a moral life rather than one driven only by material success. Spyro claimed that even though Sound Sultan was no longer alive, the lessons he learned from the legend were still worthwhile.

In the interview, Spyro stated that people should watch what they say as it’s capable of shaping their behavior.

The artist who prides himself as born again Christian referenced “Para dey body” the lines from Shallipopi’s ‘Elon Musk‘ which he described as a line capable of influencing young people to resort to crime.

Watch The Video Below:

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