Spyro: “When choosing a partner, look Up to God” (See More)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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According to the singer Spyro, it is impossible to find the ideal partner for marriage without supernatural guidance.

According to “Who Is Your Guy?,” intelligence artist, can’t help somebody find the right companion any longer, especially in Lagos.

He said that the devil sends the wrong partner when he wants to destroy a life and urged his followers to seek God’s face when choosing a partner.

He spread the word about this on his Instagram page.

She wrote, “My fellow brothers and sisters, we need God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to marry in this Lagos/world; do not for a second think you can choose a partner by physical senses.”

“When the devil wants to totally destroy a life, he sends a man/woman…Beware,” she wrote. “We need to marry in this Lagos/world.”

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