Stonebwoy Reveals Secret To Success Of Nigerian Music (Watch Him Speak)

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Ghanaian singer Stonebwoy has praised the incredible expansion of the Nigerian music scene and credits it to the patience and everlasting commitment of Nigerian musicians.

Stonebwoy spoke passionately on the well-known radio show “Sway In The Morning” about the vast and diverse African music landscape.

The magnitude of Nigeria‘s population, according to Stonebwoy, undoubtedly has an impact on the growth of the business, but he also stressed the significance of Nigerian musicians’ persistence, aggression, and work ethic.

Because of their unwavering winning attitude and strict work ethic, Nigerian artists have gained recognition throughout Africa and beyond.

“I don’t want to cause no ciaos but when you come to the whole of Africa, Nigeria pushes the most and you can find Nigerians been very popular around the African continent in different countries but you might not find other African artist very popular as Nigerians are in Nigeria.”

While praising Nigeria’s achievements, Stonebwoy highlighted that other African nations should take a page out of Nigeria’s book and give their musicians the attention they deserve.

To advance the country’s music industry, he urged his fellow Ghanaians to advocate and support Ghanaian artists in the same way that Nigerians do.

“I have been calling out all the people to know their artist, you are Ghanaian make sure your Ghanaian artist is the ultimate priority because of course from the blue print, a Nigerians top priority is a Nigerian artist so that the way we can all emulate and to be able to keep doing some of the things that they have been doing of course their number is huge therefore they have the power, number force, attitude and business mindedness but that does not mean other Africans does not come out to those venues, so basically I think it’s a grind, one day at a time” he said.

He urged other musicians to adopt the same perseverance and commitment shown by their Nigerian counterparts in order to have a good influence on the African music industry.

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