The “biggest artist in the world is Burna Boy” – Joe Budden, an American rapper (See More)

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Joe Budden, a seasoned American rapper and media figure, has referred to Grammy-winning Nigerian singer Burna Boy as the “biggest artiste in the world.”

Although he acknowledged Burna Boy’s prominence as a major figure in the music industry, he said he didn’t like how, after appearing in the remix, he claimed ownership of the popular song “Talibans” by Jamaican musician Byron Messia.

Even when Kenye West did something similar a few years ago, according to Joe Budden, he was “vehemently against it.”

He stated this in a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Budden Network.

He said, “I’m never a fan of people transferring ownership of already existing songs to themselves after being featured in the remix.

“To the biggest artiste in the world [Burna Boy]. Yeah, I’m not a fan of when that happens. If you made the hit, go work it. If Burna Boy is on it, that should be yours now. But I don’t know the business he [Byron Messia] and Burna Boy did.

“I never remember that going right for somebody. Designer and Kenye [West], I was vehemently against it.”

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