The Real Mama Zeh: 5 Times Portable and Wife Have Proven ‘Trenches Love’ Is Real

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His relationship with his adored wife Omobewaji, who, according to him, has endured everything with him, is most prominent.

The singer has publicly pledged to take the mother of his children to the best places in life and does not hesitate to flaunt her.

Compact and Bewaji have demonstrated that ‘channels love’ is unadulterated and veritable.

1. Even though Portable has a second wife, Bewaji stays with him: Cheating is a big deal for many people, even if there isn’t a child involved. However, Portable was able to get away with almost bringing another woman into his home as his second wife.

Despite the fact that Portable held a naming ceremony for the new baby that was similar to one at a carnival, Bewaji did not spit on social media or get into a fight.

When Portable found out that his alleged new wife was cheating on him, things changed, and he now lavishes attention and affection on his faithful wife.

2. Portable transforms his wife into a tour partner : One of the things the Zeh singer enjoys doing these days is traveling with his wife to neighboring African nations.

From taking trips to investigating new urban communities, the Convenient loves to flaunt his beautiful lady.

The singer is able to record videos and post them to his Facebook page thanks to the trips.

3. On Valentine’s Day, Portable and Bewaji take over social media:

The Zazu singer was included in the public display of affection on Valentine’s Day, and Portable went above and beyond in his usual manner.

First, on February 14, the singer posted a video of him and his woman in love, which drew a lot of attention.

Shortly thereafter, Portable lavished his wife with expensive hair and a brand-new phone.

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