Tolani Baj elaborates on the topic of men dancing in clubs, saying, “If you’re dancing aggressively in the club, you’re broke.” (Watch The Video)

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Nigerian reality tv star cum Disc Jockey, Tolani Baj has cleared the air on her controversial statement about men and dancing in clubs.

Speaking in an interview with media personality, Jermaine on his podcast, BTS Reality, Tolani Baj stated that she did not mean could not dance or have a good time in clubs, she only meant they had to do it moderatelty.

She shared that she had seen a trend in the behavior of broke men in Nigerian clubs and how they act aggressively.

In her words;

“If you’re going to have fun, don’t do too much. Be cool with it, have swag, don’t be razz. When you already know you’re all that and you don’t feel the need to prove anything in the club, that speaks volume. Men that have money don’t really like attention. If you’re are doing gra gra in the club and you want to show attention, I already know that your are broke”

Watch video below:



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