Vendor Takes Legal Action Against Davido’s Isreal for Breach of Contract (Details Within)

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Popular Nigerian singer, Davido‘s crew member, Isreal DMW, has once again made the news after an online vendor called him out. The vendor, @Mideshaven_Official, posted a thread on Twitter alleging that Isreal had taken her money without performing or refunding the full amount.

Refund my N800k’: Hair vendor Mideshaven calls out Israel DMW over unfulfilled business deal – Skabash!

Isreal had allegedly agreed to do a video advertisement for the vendor, billing her N1 million. The woman paid him a deposit of N800,000, as agreed, with the understanding that the balance would be paid upon completion of the job. However, Isreal failed to deliver the job and asked for the balance shortly after receiving the deposit. The vendor notified him that she could not pay for a job that had not been done, yet Isreal refused to issue a refund and told the vendor that 30BG does not issue refunds.

This is not the first instance of Isreal’s alleged misdeeds. Several online users have reported being shortchanged by the 30BG crew member. Isreal DMW has been facing immense criticism as a result of these incidents, with many people claiming that he is untrustworthy and unreliable. Some have even suggested that this may reflect poorly on Davido and his entire crew, since he is a member.

Mide explained further that she understood and told him to make the video and send it to her so she would send to blogs to post instead, but Isreal was not forthcoming.

The young lady added that ever since that time till now, he has blocked four of her Whatsapp numbers that she used to contact him. She also reached out to his wife and other 30BG crew members to plead with him, but he still did not deliver on the job.

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