“Venita Bull!es Doyin All The Time” – Mercy Eke Reveals As She Plans To Avoid Venita

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Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Mercy Eke, has said that she has seen Venita mistreating Doyin inside the house.

Doyin has constantly disclosed to Big Brother during her dairy session how Venita has bullied her in the house and insulted her numerous times.

Doyin revealed that Venita had been calling her names and making nasty remarks about her appearance in an effort to irritate her, neglecting the fact that no one has control over their appearance.

Mercy and Ceec can be heard discussing the conflict between Doyin and Venita in a video that was shared online.

The accusations made against Venita by Doyin were true, according to Mercy. She reported how Venita displayed symptoms of nausea each time Doyin passed.

Mercy informed Ceec that despite being aware of Venita’s bullying of Doyin, she is unable to speak up because Venita is a friend.

She continued by saying that she intended to keep her at a distance in order to avoid getting mixed up in their altercation.

In other news, Mercy shared her thoughts on the clash between CeeC and another housemate, Pere.

The disagreement arose due to her absence at a general meeting for their wager task.

Mercy Eke expressed her opinion and claimed that CeeC was just trying to create issues and unnecessary toxicity.

She said,

“They say they don’t want to do chores so it can cause issues. They pick on it and shout, then create toxicity. Toxicity will not win this season, it’s scratching them to be angry, to be mad and fight the whole universe. It’s not going to work this All Stars.”

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