Virgin make bad decisions, so I won’t marry a virgin – OAP Nedu Speaks (Watch The Video)

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Controversial On-Air Personality and actor, Nedu Wazobia has said that he can never marry lady whose virginity is intact.

He said why it is not wise to settle down with a virgin is because those who are not, make better decisions in life.

I won’t marry a virgin, they make poor decisions – OAP Nedu

Nedu said the chaste girls boast attach their value to their status by referring to it as a thing of pride hence why they brag about it even when they are over 30.

He said; “If I want to marry, I would not get marry to someone who’s a virgin and I will tell you why.

I think girls that are not virgins tends to make better decisions, those girls that are virgins, they believe, oh this is my pride, my virginity is my pride, it’s my value, I’m a 30 Year Old and I’m a virgin and I kept it to myself”.

Watch him speak below:


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