Why I decided to marry Portable despite the jeers – Ashabi Reveal (Watch Her Speak)

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Akinyanju Omobolarinde, better known by her stage name Ashabi Simple, has spoken out about the reasons she chose to date Portable, a controversial street artist, despite the fact that she is aware that others will mock her for doing so.

In an interview with @facetvafrica, Ashabi, who recently made headlines for having a child with Portable, explained why she started dating the Zazuu crooner.

She claims that she is attracted to him because attraction is different for each person. She writes

“When a person has not experienced a thing, they cannot explain how it is. I also want to say that issues cannot affect people the same way, we are all human and the way we accept things is different. If I see someone and I like him, other people might see him and not like him because what might be appealing to me about him might be a turn off for the other person.”

The Yoruba actress also admitted that she never considered being in a relationship with a celebrity but as God would have it, it happened. Ashabi added that she doesn’t see it affecting her Nollywood career at all. She said:

“I am happy because it was not in my plans and I never considered marrying an actor talkless of a musician but God did not make it the end of my journey because some people’s careers will end when they face situations they did not expect. Although I can’t see the future, I sense that it is not the end, it’s actually a new beginning and a way forward for me. I’m happy because he (Portable) is supportive and he is ready to be more supportive.”

Ashabi opened about her concerns for dating Portable because she knew that people would jeer at her but she couldn’t resist dating him because he makes her happy. She said she chose her happiness over what others would say instead. Her words:

“I faced a lot but I thank God. Right from time, since I started dating Portable, I was scared that people would taunt and abuse me but I had to sit down and think about if people could console me when I am not happy, when something is my happiness and it’s not that I’m looking for the approval of others, then I have to go for it.”

“I’m happy because my man makes me happy because if he is not there for me, today won’t be possible so I’m happy.”

See the video below:

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