Why the Street Boys Turned Down My Offer of N1,000 -TG Omori Reveals (Watch Video)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Popular Nigerian music video director TG Omori has explained the recent incident in which he came across several street youths who turned down N1,000 in payment.

After a video of Omori trying to give the boys some money circulated on social media, people began to take notice of the event.

The cameraman revealed in a tweet that he typically doesn’t see boys on the street, but instead the security officers at the entrance gate, so that day he went to see his father.

However, on this occasion, three boys approached him, hailing and insisting that he give them money.

He didn’t mind obliging the boys’ request. He asked his driver to check for cash, but there was only a N1000 note available.

Believing that the amount might be considered too small, he decided to offer it to the boys anyway.

He asked the boys to take the N1000 and but they refused and insisted that Omori should enjoy the money.

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