Yhemo Lee Offers Emotional Story Of Rising Afrobeats Star “Asake’s Excursion To Fame” (Watch Him Speak)

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Yhemo Lee, a talented Nigerian nightlife rocker and actor, shared an incredible story about his role in connecting the rising Afrobeats sensation Asake with renowned artist Olamide in a recent interview with popular media personality Chude Jideonwo.

The power of friendship and seizing life-altering opportunities in the music industry are demonstrated throughout their journey.

Yhemo Lee and Asake‘s fellowship traverses a wonderful 13 years, and it was during this getting through bond that destiny interceded. YhemoLee, in a joint effort with DanDizzy and YKB, recorded a hypnotizing track that grabbed the eye of Olamide, a laid out craftsman in the business.

Additionally, Olamide wanted to work with DanDizzy and contacted Yhemo Lee after being deeply moved by the song. However, the extraordinary turn of events was initiated by Yhemo Lee’s sincere support of Asake. Unbeknownst to YhemoLee, this discussion held the way in to an extraordinary chance for his companion.

A Game-Changing Moment…….!

In their online conversation, YhemoLee enthusiastically presented Asake’s talent to Olamide, hoping for the maestro’s appreciation. To his astonishment, Olamide requested an audio file of Asake’s captivating song, “Omo Ope.”

Asake’s Rise to Stardom….

Without wasting a moment, Asake promptly recorded his part and sent it back to Yhemo Lee. The unexpected happened when Olamide, after listening to Asake’s melodious contribution, started discussing promotional strategies. Astonishingly, within just two days, Olamide revealed his intention to sign Asake to his prestigious record label, YBNL.

In Conclusion, Filled with overwhelming excitement, Yhemo Lee wasted no time and rushed to Olamide’s residence, where a life-altering contract awaited Asake’s signature. Without hesitation, Asake put pen to paper, marking a significant milestone in his blossoming music career.

The tale of Yhemo Lee’s instrumental role in Asake’s journey is an inspiring reminder that sometimes, unexpected turns can lead to the fulfillment of dreams.

Asake’s collaboration with Olamide promises to open doors to unimaginable opportunities and elevate his status in the vibrant world of Afrobeats. We eagerly await the thrilling music that this dynamic duo will create together, and we celebrate the power of friendship and the magic that can be found in the unlikeliest of encounters.

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