You asked me for a song, not the other way around, Wani tells Sarz. (See More)

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The upcoming artist Ayorinde Olawani Ayokun, also known as Wani, responded to Sarz’s statements that made light of his line of work as a music producer.

Wani, a.k.a. Wani Wonder, vented his irritation on Twitter, complaining that he had sent a song demo to Sarz for production work but had not heard back in three weeks. He expressed his disappointment with the partnership by implying that the song might never be released again as a result of Sarz’s treatment of him.

It may be the end of the road for that jam, Wani commented after sending Sarz his demo three weeks ago.


In a swift response to Wani’s frustration, the ace producer Sarz clarified that he had sent a beat to Wani on June 6th, 2023. However, Wani only sent back a song on July 14th, which Sarz described as ‘trash’ and unappealing. Sarz went on to ridicule Wani for taking 25 business days to record a song that he found unsatisfactory.

Sarz tweeted; “I sent you a beat 6/6/23 you send me a song 14/7/23 and it was still trash! I can’t believe it took you 25 business days to come up with that.”

In response to Sarz’s criticism, Wani refuted his claims and stated that it was actually Sarz who had been persistent in wanting to collaborate with him. Wani dismissed Sarz’s negative remarks about his song and instead ridiculed the beats that Sarz had sent, describing them as something that seemed to be from a music folder dating back to 2007.

He tweeted; “This music industry shit is so heartbreaking sometimes ….never link your Idols if you want them to remain heroes in your eyes @beatsbysarz why are you dissing me on Twitter for NO reason egbon ?

YOU disturbed ME about this record not the other way round this time ! You opened your 2007 folder and sent me a WACK ! 90 BPM beat ???? in BIG 2023 why I no go post you for 25 days!

I’m not Kirk Franklin my name is WANI WNDR ! I did my best if you don’t like it just keep it to yourself and get lost Nigga We’ll be fine 💸🤍! .. I know for a FACT it’s better than that bullshit academy album you just dropped ! #Endsarz !!”

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