Young fellow Satisfies Vow To His Mom That He’d Remodel Their Home Subsequent to Hitting Wealth (See Video))

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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A young man has fulfilled the promise his made to his mother about renovating and completing their family house.

The young man identified on TikTok as @Niceprince114 revealed that he had made a promise to complete their home which they had to move into without the construction being completed.

He shared a video which captured the unpainted and dilapidated looking bungalow.

The rooms and ceilings of the house were also in total disrepair before the young man renovated it.

Upon hitting the riches, the young man commenced the building project and changed it from looking run down to a modern looking bungalow.

Another part of the video captures the young man spraying his mum with one thousand naira notes.

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