27 ‘secrets’ we learned about Threads App by Meta ( no inbox or messaging option…… see more)


We compiled a list of things we noticed on Meta’s new application, Threads app. Threads is a standalone social media application developed by Instagram, which is owned by Meta.

Threads is primarily focused on enabling users to share photos, videos, text with a select group of people from their Instagram network. It allows users to create and maintain a separate space for their close friends, ensuring that they can easily stay connected and share updates with this smaller circle.

Below is a list of things we learned about Threads

  1. For every thread there is a 500 character limit
  2. You can’t pin threads for now
  3. If you want to delete your threads account you have to delete your Instagram account but what you can do in the mean time is deactivate your threads profile
  4. You can’t edit threads right now
  5. You can set a time limit or take a break from threads
  6. Picture quality and video quality is retained when you upload to the app.
  7. There is currently no DM feature for now
  8. To switch profiles/accounts you have to logout from one profile and login to the other
  9. You can share threads directly to your Instagram feed or stories. You can also share to Twitter and it has a unique thread background added to it.
  10. The Hashtag feature isn’t available yet on threads
  11. You can hide offensive words like you do on Instagram
  12. To do this go to settings (this is at the top right of your profile) then tap on privacy and then keywords
  13. You can select who can reply to your threads just like you do on twitter
  14. You can also hide like counts like you do
  15. on Instagram
  16. For now all your notifications are in one place
  17. Thread doesn’t show how many people you follow but only shows how many followers you have
  18. You can upload up to 10 items at once on threads like you do with Instagram carousel
  19. No ads in sight for now but we know how meta can be
  20. There is no trend table in sight right now if you are verified on Instagram you are
  21. automatically verified here also
  22. you can follow anyone on IG by going to their profile and tapping on the Instagram icon
  23. to follow anyone on thread just tap on the +thread icon and it follows them automatically
  24. Accounts that users have already blocked on Instagram will also be automatically blocked on Threads.
  25. Instagram’s community guidelines will be enforced on Threads, and users can report one another for violations.
  26. You can hide unwanted comments on your threads
  27. You have to manually accept requests of people that followed you before you signed up


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