Libianca – “Walk Away” EP: A taste of a toxic relationship and Breakup depression featuring 4 artistes (LISTEN HERE)

libianca walk away ft oxlade, Blaqbonez, chloe and moliy


Libianca – Walk Away EP description
Artist: Libianca
Title: Walk Away EP
Featurings: Oxlade, Chloe, Blaqbonez, Moliy
Runtime: 18 minutes, 6 Songs
Genre: Afrobeats
walk away cover art

Cameroonian artist, Libianca releases her latest musical triumph, the “Walk Away” EP, a heartfelt and resonant exploration of the turmoil of toxic relationships and the empowering journey to reclaim mental health and freedom. This six-song EP features collaborations with distinguished artists, including Blaqbonez and Oxlade from Nigeria, Moliy from Ghana, and Chloe from AMerica, weaving a tapestry of evocative storytelling and mesmerizing melodies.

The Message “Walk Away” By Libianca Passes

“Walk Away” serves as a powerful testament to the artist’s commitment to shedding light on the impact of toxic relationships on one’s mental well-being. Through stirring lyricism and emotive compositions,The music therapist as she calls herself,  Libianca masterfully delves into the complexities of breakup and the profound effects of toxicity, offering a guiding voice to those navigating similar challenges.

Tracklist of  “Walk Away” EP by Libianca

1. In A Way
2. Angeldemon
3. W.O.M.S. (Weight On My Shoulders) feat. Molly & Blaqbonez
4. Mistaken feat. Oxlade & Chloe
5. People
6. Jah

“Walk Away” is A Call to Transformative Growth, an anthem of courage, self-liberation, and the indomitable resilience of the human spirit. With this mesmerizing body of work, Libianca weaves a powerful story to the enduring power of music as a conduit for healing and personal growth.

Libianca’s “Walk Away” EP is a compelling depiction of empowerment and the resilience to transcend toxic relationships within the Afrobeat music scene. The six-song EP delves into poignant narratives, offering an emotive journey of personal growth and liberation. Tracks like “In A Way” and “Angeldemon” resonate with the emotional complexities of moving on from hurtful relationships and the conflicting nature of love and abuse.

“W.O.M.S” features Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez and American singer Chloe, capturing the struggle of reconciliation without full acknowledgment of past mistakes.

“Mistaken,” featuring Nigerian singer Oxlade and Ghanaian singer Moliy, provides a nuanced perspective on the complexities of romantic entanglements. The EP encapsulates Libianca’s musical artistry, infusing Afrobeat with heartfelt storytelling. Through rich, emotive narratives and captivating melodies, “Walk Away” becomes a compelling musical odyssey embodying the vibrant artistry of Afrobeat and the spirit of emotional resilience..




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