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Top 10 Most streamed Cameroonian artistes on Boomplay in 2023


This article features a list of top 10 Most streamed Cameroonian artistes on Boomplay in 2023 including Libianca, Blanche Bailey, Ko-c and 7 more who were exceptional throughout the year 2023( last edited: December 6th, 2023)

About Boomplay Music streaming platform in Cameroon and Africa.

Boomplay stands at the forefront of music streaming in Africa and has been pivotal in bridging the gap between music lovers and their favorite songs. Launched in 2015, Boomplay swiftly secured its position as Africa’s leading music-streaming and download service. With a vast library featuring a diverse array of local and international tracks, the platform has become a go-to destination for music enthusiasts across the continent.

How much does Boomplay pay for 1 million streams in Africa ?

Boomplay has emerged as a transformative force in the economic sphere of the music industry. In a revealing insight, it’s noteworthy to mention that Boomplay pays up to $1,000 for every million streams, underlining the substantial value placed on artists’ work and the impact of their creations on the global music community.

Top 10 Most streamed Cameroonian artistes on Boomplay in 2023

10) Tzy Panchak (9 million streams)
CaEtah Tambe Nyenti better known by his stage name Tzy Panchak. Releasing 5 singles and collaborating with other artistes. He occupies the 10th position with  9 million Boomplay streams across all credits on Boomplay.

9) Charlotte Dipanda (10.1 million streams).
With just 1 single released in 2023 “on s’enfout”, Charlotte Dipanda gathered 10.1 million Boomplay streams across all credits in 2023.

8) Cysoul (12.8 million streams )
Cysoul released just 2 singles in 2023 and both have 1 million streams, combining these streams with thay of his older projects, Cysoul has 12.8 million Boomplay streams combined.

7) Locko ( 15.7 million streams )
Locko released three different singles in 2023 and all of them gathered 3 million streams on Boomplay. Combining these streams from 2023 songs with that of his old songs pushes Locko to 15.7 million streams across all songs.

6) Rinyu (22.9 million streams)
Akumba Music Queen, Rinyu has not really been consistent in 2023 as she released just 1 single “Dem Neva born am” featuring Tenor which has 2.6 million streams.
After combining this streams with that if her old songs, Rinyu has 22.9 million streams combined.

5)Krys M (24.9million Streams on Boomplay)
CIMFEST & CANAL D’OR award winning artiste Krys M has been on fire after the release of her song “Chacun Sa chance” in 2022, releasing hits back to back and also winning multiple awards. She has gathered 24.9 million Boomplay streams and stands as the 5th most streamed artiste on Boomplay in Cameroon.

4) Indira Baboke (24.2 million streams)
Cameroon gospel music is alive and Indira Baboke remains the flag bearer. Last year 2022, she occupied the first position and this year 2023 she has dropped to number 2. The year has been an awesome one for the multi-talented singer and she gathered multiple streams and despite the fact that she didn’t release a new album, she has remained at the top.

3) Ko-c ( 24.7 million streams)
Cameroon’s rap president, Ko-c has maintained his position at the 3rd most streamed Cameroonian artiste on Boomplay after releasing his debut album GENESIS. He currently seats on 24.7 million streams on Boomplay.

2) Blanche Bailly – (26.8 million Boomplay streams)
Blanche Bailly is the most streamed Cameroonian artiste on Boomplay in 2023. With three releases of two singles and one album, the multi-talented singer & entrepreneur has beat Indira Baboke to become the most streamed Cameroonian artiste on Boomplay with 26.8 million streams.

1) Libianca (27.4 million streams on Boomplay)
Cameroon’s golden girl and BET awards winner Libianca has grown massively in 2023 since the release of her debut single “People” on December 6th, 2022. She currently holds the position as the 4th most streamed Cameroonian artiste on Boomplay with 27.4 million streams



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